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Language, 04-2010


Thema: Mobiles Arbeiten, 04-2010

Digitale Heimarbeit

Mobiles Arbeiten war noch nie so einfach wie heute. Smartphones, cloud-basierte Dienste und Überall-Internet scheinen den Weg ins Büro überflüssig zu machen. Dennoch schicken Unternehmen ihre Mitarbeiter nur ungern nach Hause.

Interview, 04-2010

Hidden Opportunities of an Aging Population

Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger is, among other things, founding Dean of the Center for Lifelong Learning at Jacobs University in Bremen and advises the German federal government on the topic of aging. She speaks about the challenges and opportunities of an aging population and workforce.

News & Trends, 04-2010

Danish Dynamite

Danish Dynamite
Never underestimate the Danes. A group of Danish space enthusiasts led by Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen are currently working towards launching a human being on a suborbital trajectory into space.

, 04-2010


Collocations sind feststehende Wortgruppen, die häufig im Englischen auftreten. Mit unseren Übungen lernen Sie die richtigen Kombinationen.

, 04-2010

All of the words in the crossword can be found in the articles in this issue. See if you can complete the crossword and find out what REEV stands for. You can find the answers on page 48.
1. You use this kind of truck to pick up pallets in a warehouse, for example.

Leeside of Business, 03-2010

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear?

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear?
I was very interested in the recent controversy in Germany concerning Google Street View navigation which, as the name implies, shows panoramic views of streets and various sites or attractions.

, 03-2010

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.
Winston Churchill.

Only in the US will you find people who think the moon landing was fake and wrest- ling is real.

Gelesen & Gehört, 03-2010

Englisch mit viel Energie

Englisch mit viel Energie
Energy English for the Gas and Electricity Industries Paul Dummett Langenscheidt ISBN: 978-3-526-51349-0
Sprachlernmaterialien für ganz bestimmte Industriezweige zu finden, ist nicht immer ganz einfach.

, 03-2010

What is the mysterious X? All of the words in the puzzle can be found in the articles in this issue. See if you can complete the crossword to find the name of a project aimed at putting microchips into beetles in order to control their movements.

Kultursprung, 03-2010

Frankreich - so nah und doch so fern

Viele Deutsche denken beim Stichwort Frankreich an Savoir-vivre und Laisser-faire. Das sind Vorurteile, die kaum etwas mit der Realität zu tun haben. Zu selten wird erfasst, dass die französische Wirtschaft über Jahre hinweg leistungsfähiger war als die deutsche und dass französische Manager weltweit Erfolg haben.

History Audio File, 03-2010

The Frankfurter Küche

In den 1920er Jahren entwarf eine junge Architektin den Prototyp der Einbauküche, die sogenannte Frankfurter Küche.
Next time you stand before your high-tech stove preparing dinner in your bright gleaming stainless steel kitchen, raise your cup to a pioneering Viennese architect.

History, 03-2010

At Home in Many Skies

He is probably the most versatile and at the same time least known aeronautical pioneer: Enrico Forlanini excelled in not just one but three aeronautical fields. This is the story of the man who built the first engine-powered helicopter, manufactured dirigibles and invented the hydrofoil boat.

, 03-2010

Getting Things Really Done Anyone can do any amount of work provided it’s not the work he is supposed to be doing If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. Teamwork means tricking other people into ignoring their priorities in favour of yours.

On the Move, 03-2010

Meetings, Awful Meetings

Egbert is attending a meeting with some of his country managers: Monique from France, Henry from England, Carlos from Spain and Brad from America. The meeting is taking place in the UK. Egbert, Henry and Brad are drinking coffee.

Cyborg Insects, 03-2010

Lieutenant Bug

Those already skittish of insects will not be thrilled to discover that these six–legged creatures may soon be outfitted with more outlandish features. Indeed, these tiny animals could become directed vehicles of human technologies, including surveillance cameras, sensors, and chemical or biological weapons.

News & Trends, 03-2010

Like a Bolt from the Blue

Like a Bolt from the Blue
It was 50 years ago when Joe Kittinger, a Captain of the US Air Force, virtually stepped off the edge of a balloon gondola and jumped from an altitude of 31 kilometres. Skydiving for more than four minutes, he reached a speed of almost 1000 kph.

Interview, 03-2010

The Bauhaus Side of the Brain

Design Thinking is intended to nurture innovation in companies and in people. How does it work?
Let me start with design, a word that has a very broad meaning. My students at Stanford call themselves designers, but they are really engineers.

, 03-2010


Gelesen & Gehört, 03-2010


Fettnapf- Vermeider
Stolpersteine Business English Brian McCredie Cornelsen ISBN: 978-3589234141
Wenn der englische Geschäftpartner komisch schaut, obwohl Sie eigentlich nur gefragt haben, ob er auch Unternehmer ist, sind Sie wahrscheinlich an einem Klassiker unter den Stolpersteinen im Business English hängen geblieben.
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