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Archaeology, 02-2011

Celtic Cuboid

Sometimes it takes a truck-mounted crane to raise the dead. Instead of excavating the burial chamber of a Celtic leader on site, archaeologists decided to cut the whole thing out of the ground, raise the 80-ton block of earth onto a flatbed truck and carry it to the lab.

In Short, 02-2011

The Fire-Fighter’s Magic Wand

A curtain of flame halts fire-fighters trying to rescue a family inside a burning home. One with a special backpack steps to the front, points a wand at the flame, and shoots a beam of electricity that opens a path through the flames for the others to pass and lead the family to safety.

Deep Sea Exploration, 02-2011

Challenging Depths

Some records can’t be broken. In 1960, Jacques Piccard went down 11,000 metres to the deepest point of the ocean. It was a one-stop visit and no-one has ever gone back – until now. This year, jack of all trades Richard Branson will attempt to revisit – and explore – the Challenger Deep in a flying submarine.

History Audio File, 02-2011

The Other Titanics

Vor hundert Jahren lief die Olympic, das Schwesterschiff der Titanic, vom Stapel. Im gleichen Jahr hatte auch sie einen schweren Unfall, der jedoch nicht von einem Eisberg verursacht wurde, sondern von der Physik: Die Olympic fiel dem Bernoulli-Effekt zum Opfer.

Basics, 02-2011

Digital Logic

We live in the digital age. The computers we share our lives with don’t handle analogue information very well. For them to understand data like a voltage reading or a mouse position it has to be transformed into the binary system.

Advanced Learners, 02-2011

Yes, eh, no, eh Maybe …

Politicians are particularly good at it; teenage children, too. Bosses can be if they feel pressured. Colleagues can also be fairly inventive if they are not really delivering the goods, as can suppliers when asked for a definite delivery date.

, 02-2011

Collocations sind feststehende Wortgruppen, die häufig im Englischen auftreten. Mit unseren Übungen lernen Sie die richtigen Kombinationen.

Kultursprung, 02-2011

USA – Land der Unternehmer

Unser Verhältnis zu den USA ist traditionell sehr eng, sei es als Geschäftspartner oder Urlaubsziel. Diese vermeintliche Nähe verleitet leider nur allzuleicht dazu kulturelle Unterschiede zu ignorieren – zuweilen mit fatalen Folgen.

History, 02-2011

A Girl, a Car and the Globe

Who was the first one to circumnavigate the world in a car? The answer should be common knowledge for us engineers, but strangely enough it has fallen into oblivion. The year was 1927, the car an Adler Standard 6, and the driver a young woman: Clärenore Stinnes.

Business, 02-2011

Organisational Structures

In every organisation it is necessary to have a structure so that all employees know what their tasks are, what they are responsible for and who they are responsible to. The type of structure which a company adopts depends on a number of different factors.

Leeside of Business, 02-2011

Small Talk

Small Talk
I recently read an article published by the BBC News concerning research carried out by a professor from the University of Hamburg. Professor House has studied the interaction between groups of British and German people and, according to the article, has come to the conclusion that Germans don’t really use small talk.

On the move, 01-2011

The Right Candidate for the Job

Egbert Engines is in the process of filling a vacancy for a sales manager. A shortlist of candidates was drawn up and interviewed. The task now is for Egbert and two of his managers, John from the UK and Rudi from the German office, to decide who to choose for the job.

Kultursprung, 01-2011

Polen - der unbekannte Nachbar

Sie sind hartnäckig, die Stereotype, die unser Polenbild noch immer prägen. Dabei ist Polen unser Nachbarland, und seine Grenze liegt kaum eine Autostunde östlich von Berlin. Dennoch ist dieser Nachbar vielen Deutschen weitgehend unbekannt.

In Short, 01-2011

The Rule of One

Amid the swirling chaos of our world an almost perfect pattern surrounds us. It connects random events and phenomena – from the large to the small, and the monumental to the inconsequential. It can be seen in the spluttering spins of dying stars and the numbers in our electricity bills.

, 01-2011

Viel Worte um Worte
Cambridge Advanced Learner‘s Dictionary Cambridge University Press ISBN 978-3-12-517989-9 (in D via Klett-Verlag)
Nachschlagewerke profitieren am meisten von der Umsetzung ins digitale Format.

, 01-2011

Ko(s)mische Reise
Yuri’s Day – The Road to the Stars King, Piers & Hodkinson Eigenverlag ISBN 9780956755902 www.yuri-gagarin.com
Noch immer sind Weltraumflüge Großereignisse, über die in den Medien ausführlich berichtet wird.

, 01-2011


, 01-2011

What is the mysterious X? All of the words in the puzzle can be found in the articles in this issue. See if you can complete the crossword to find the name of an organization which, in 2011, is celebrating the 200th birthday of one of its most famous buildings.

Truck Racing, 01-2011

Like a Bird on Wheels

She is the star of South American Formula Truck racing: For more than nine years, former Playboy magazine playmate Débora Rodrigues has been driving for the Volkswagen works team – and certainly not just as a mascot.

History, 01-2011

Building Bell Rock

For 200 years now Bell Rock, the oldest offshore lighthouse in the world, has been lighting the way off the Scottish coast. Its construction on a submerged reef has been called one of the seven wonders of the industrial world and started the career of Robert Stevenson, whose family produced 97 lighthouses and one poet.
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