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Did you know...

  • The word “triskaidekaphobia” means “extreme fear of the number 13”. This superstition is related to “paraskevidekatriaphobia”, which means “fear of Friday the 13th”.
  • The word “uncopyrightable” is the longest English word in normal use that contains no letter more than once.

, 03-2012

What is the mysterious X? All of the words in the puzzle can be found in the articles in this issue. See if you can complete the crossword to find out the Name of a very flexible vehicle. You can find the answers on page 44.

Nuclear Fusion, 03-2012

Commerical Fusion

Commercial Fusion Amid many competitors, a Canadian firm aims to fire up the first commercial fusion reactor. Hoping to create the first net-gain reactor, General Fusion‘s design leverages steam-driven pneumatics in the quest for the Holy Grail of energy production.

Thema, 03-2012

Fremde Heimat

Der Kulturschock gehört zum beruflichen Auslandsaufenthalt wie der Entsendungsvertrag, doch die Meisten kommen früher oder später mit der fremden Kultur zurecht. Auf den zweiten Kulturschock bei der Rückkehr in die vermeintlich vertraute Heimat sind jedoch die Wenigsten vorbereitet.

History Audio File, 03-2012

Lunar Society

Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts war die Lunar Society in Birmingham eine Keimzelle für wissenschaftliche und gesellschafltiche Veränderungen. Männer wie Watt, Darwin oder Herschel diskutierten darüber, wie Wissenschaft und Technik der Gesellschaft dienen können.

Disney Research, 03-2012

The Real Gyro Gearloose

The Disney corporation operates a number of research labs around the world. Their aim is to develop new technology to ‘tell a better story’. A visit to Disney Research Zurich shows how science and stories fit together.

Editorial, 03-2012

Dear engineer,

rückwirkend zum 1. Januar 2012 hat die WEKA Firmengruppe alle Geschäftsanteile der Hoppenstedt Publishing GmbH von der schwedischen Bisnode Gruppe, unserer bisherigen Muttergesellschaft, übernommen. engine bildet damit zusammen mit ihren Schwesterzeitschriften SCOPE, handling, Kunststoff Magazin, LABO, CAD-CAM Report, eDM Report und MTA Dialog die neu gegründete WEKA Business Medien GmbH.

Interview, 03-2012

The Changing Face of Globalization

Dani Rodrik, Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard University, is ranked among the 100 most influential economists in the world. He talks about globalization and the question of economic convergence, meaning the mechanisms that are allowing the developing world to catch up with developed countries.

Business, 03-2012

Job Applications

In the global business world more and more job applications are required to be in English. While many of the rules concerning style and format which apply to an application in German are the same, it is not just a case of translating your German documents into English.

Technical Dictionary, 03-2012

Montagetechnik - Assembly Technology

Dieses Technical Dictionary wurde zusammengestellt aus Handhabungstechnik von A-Z von Stefan Hesse, erschienen bei WEKA BUSINESS MEDIEN unter ISBN 3935774451. In dem Buch werden die hier vorgestellten und viele weitere Begriffe ausführlich auf Deutsch erläutert.

History, 03-2012

A Tower in the Sky

Today, we take satellite TV receivers, satellite-relayed telephone calls and GPS for granted, but only 50 years ago none of these things even existed. It all started with Telstar 1, the first privately funded satellite, which in 1962 carried the first TV signals across the Atlantic.

Grammar Review, 03-2012

Report Back to Me

Goal or no goal? A question that frequently challenges football referees and raises the blood pressure of many a fan. Lo and behold, the dinosaurs that run the world’s most popular game have at long last agreed to introduce goal-line technology to ease the pressure on the poor referees.

Cross Culture Check, 03-2012

China vs. Germany

1 o o In this country, there is a strong commitment to the family, even distant members.
2 o o A ‘yes’ doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘yes’ in this country, it might also mean ‘maybe’ or, in the end, a ‘no’.

Basics, 03-2012


Statistics is a set of tools used to organize and analyze data. Data must either be numeric in origin or transformed by researchers into numbers.
Employing statistics serves two purposes: description and prediction.

On the Move, 03-2012

Restructuring the Company

Egbert is meeting with some of his staff to discuss the proposed restructuring of the factory. At the meeting are Frank, the production manager, Karl, a member of the workers’ council, and a foreman from the factory.

Business Partner, 03-2012


Once a back office and outsourcing centre for the world‘s multinational corporations, India has transformed itself into one of the world‘s leading economies, launching its own world-class enterprises and sending its executives out to head Fortune 500 companies.

Light-Field-Photography, 03-2012

Focusing On Everything

Are your digital images always out of focus with a razor-sharp background but blurry kids, friends or grandma? Do not despair, a new generation of light-field cameras promises an imaging revolution by giving you the ability to focus after the image has been taken.

All-Terrain Vehicles, 03-2012

Extreme Mobility

A Canadian company produces what is probably the most rugged vehicle in the world. The Arktos can survive fire and ice, crawl through ice-infested waters and transport the crews of remote oil rigs back to safety.

Advanced Learners: Accepting and Rejecting, 03-2012

What you’re proposing…?

Say it like it is! Don’t beat around the bush! Just give a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’! That might be sound advice in many situations but in an international, English-speaking environment you may well hear a variety of other ways of accepting and rejecting what someone has proposed.

Kultursprung, 03-2012

Chile - das lange Land

Deutsche, die zum ersten Mal nach Chile kommen, fühlen sich sogleich heimisch, denn vieles erscheint ihnen vertraut, fast schon europäisch. Alles geht ruhig und geordnet zu und geschäftlich erwecken Chilenen einen seriösen Eindruck.
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