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Backpack on Wheels

posted: 20.03.2012 in News
Bild: Rinspeed

For many city dwellers an electric-powered version of the Smart would probably be the ideal car. Small and eco-friendly. But what if you want to visit friends beyond the usual 100 kilometre battery range? What if you want to carry some extra gear, say a golf bag or some skis? Just do what you always do when you want to carry things and go for a long journey - strap on a backpack.

The 'Dock+Go' concept car from automotive wizard Frank Rinderknecht is an electric Smart which can be transformed into a micro six-wheeler by strapping on a wheeled backpack. These backpacks can either contain additional storing space or a small combustion engine acting as a range extender. While the idea of a Lego car isn't entirely new, the Dock+Go's extension packs are at least small enough to be stored in a normal garage, making the idea somewhat viable. But what if you want to carry your golf bag for more than 200 kilometres? Build an eight-wheeler?


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