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Hydraulic Ram

Audio History: Technikgeschichte für Auge und Ohr

posted: 10.10.2010 in Audio & Video

Was haben der hydraulische Widder und der Heißluftballon gemein? Beide sind Erfindungen der Gebrüder Montgolfier. Die beiden Franzosen haben sich nicht nur über das Fliegen Gedanken gemacht, sondern auch über Staudruck-Wasserheber.

I just learned the most surprising thing: The inventor of the hot air balloon also invented the self-acting hydraulic ram, and I can`t imagine two more opposite things...

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Golf? No Sports!

posted: 04.10.2010 in News
Bild: Finetunegolf

The debate whether golf is a sport or just a social activity is probably as old as the discipline itself. Caddies and golf carts do not exactly promote the workout qualities of playing with little white balls. Here comes another hard blow against golf as a sport. The Robocup throws golf balls back at you.
Not out of pure nastiness, but to save you from the tedious walking back-and-forth when you practice your putting. Just drop the Robocup in the cup and swing your putter. Once the ball drops in the cup, it activates a little battery-powered catapult which ejects the ball and throws it up to four metres in your direction. With a little cord around the hole to redirect missed shots you can go on putting for hours until, after some 12,000 putt returns, the battery runs out. Whether or not Churchill ever said 'no sports', he surely would have liked the catapult part of this little invention.

Linktipp: http://quizlet.com

posted: 19.09.2010 in Links & Media

Der gute, alte Karteikasten ist immer noch die beste Art Vokabeln zu lernen. Inzwischen gibt es auch viele Programme für Rechner und Handy, die Papier und Kästchen überflüssig machen. Quizlet bringt den Karteikasten nun ins Internet. Auf der Seite können Sie 2,5 Millionen Flashcard-Sets zu allen erdenklichen Themen frei nutzen. Falls dennoch nichts Passendes dabei sein sollte, können Sie Ihr eigenes Set anlegen und, falls gewünscht, für bestimmte Gruppen oder die ganze Welt freigeben.

Medientipp: Energy English for the Gas and Electricity Industries

Paul Dummett, Langenscheidt, ISBN: 978-3-526-51349-0

posted: 16.09.2010 in Links & Media
Energy English for the Gas and Electricity Industries, Paul Dummett, L...

Sprachlernmaterialien für ganz bestimmte Industriezweige zu finden, ist nicht immer ganz einfach. Zumindest die Gas- und Elektrizitätsbranche kann jetzt aufatmen. Das Buch "Energy English" von Paul Dummett richtet sich genau an diese Industrie. Obwohl als klassisches Kursbuch mit vielen Übungen aufgemacht, eignet sich das Buch nicht nur für Sprachkurse mit Trainer, sondern auch für das Selbststudium. Die Lektionen bauen nicht aufeinander auf und können so je nach persönlichem Bedarf absolviert werden.
Der Band ist in zwei Abschnitte geteilt: Die Sachthemen behandeln zum Beispiel Gasversorgung, Kernkraft, erneuerbare Energien, Elektrizitätsgewinnung oder Abrechnungswesen. Der zweite Teil greift klassische Kommunikationstehemen auf wie Präsentation, Small Talk, Seminare, Telefonieren, E-Mail Schreiben oder Verhandlungen - alle natürlich anhand von Beispielen aus der Branche. Zum Buch gehört eine Audio CD mit allen Hörbeispielen und Ausspracheübungen.

The Frankfurter Küche

Audio History: Technikgeschichte für Auge und Ohr

posted: 15.09.2010 in Audio & Video

In den 1920er Jahren entwarf eine junge Architektin den Prototyp der Einbauküche, die sogenannte Frankfurter Küche.

Next time you stand before your high-tech stove preparing dinner in your bright gleaming stainless steel kitchen, raise your cup to a pioneering Viennese architect. She was Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, inventor of the modern kitchen.
Early 20th century kitchens were unhygienic and impractical - a fire hazard, often put in a remote building...

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Egbert the engineer

posted: 15.09.2010 in The Last Straw

Egbert der Ingenieur ist beruflich viel auf Reisen und tritt dabei immer wieder in Fettnäpfchen. Egbert trägt's mit Humor, lachen Sie mit.

Form Follows Fitness

posted: 13.09.2010 in News
Bild: Ciclotte

Exercise bikes are among the least designed products and generally as ugly as they are healthy. As a result, they are usually banned to the basement, where they tend to be forgotten. Walking down the stairs can be such an effort. But here's an exercise bike you will want to put right into your living room next to your Rolf Benz sofa and the designer coffee table.
The Ciclotte is a minimalist sculpture made of carbon and steel. The exclusive exercise bike sports a dual satellite epicycloid system with four gears. Every pedal rotation equates to about four flywheel rotations, which generates a high-intensity magnetic field and maximizes the resistance level. As pleasing to the eye and inviting as the bike might be, it has a major disadvantage. To afford the $ 10,700 equipment, you have to work hard and won't have any time left to exercise.

At Home in Many Skies


posted: 07.09.2010 in Audio & Video

He is probably the most versatile and at the same time least known aeronautical pioneer: Enrico Forlanini excelled in not just one but three aeronautical fields. This is the story of the man who built the first engine- powered helicopter, manufactured dirigibles and invented the hydrofoil boat.

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Like a Bolt from the Blue

posted: 03.09.2010 in News
Bild: Red Bull Stratos

It was 50 years ago when Joe Kittinger, a Captain of the US Air Force, virtually stepped off the edge of a balloon gondola and jumped from an altitude of 31 kilometres. Skydiving for more than four minutes, he reached a speed of almost 1000 kph. A record which for decades no-one dared to break - until now.
Three teams are currently competing to go higher and faster than Kittinger, possibly breaking the sound barrier as a human projectile. One of them is Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian, who has base-jumped every major landmark. In 2010, he is aiming for the ultimate jump from an altitude of 36 kilometres, where the curvature of the Earth is clearly visible and the atmosphere has only about one percent of the air pressure on Earth. For his jump, Baumgartner has to wear a custom-made, full-pressure suit with an extra oxygen supply.

*catch a phrase
Like a Bolt from the Blue - a complete and sudden surprise The phrase refers to a lightning bolt coming from a clear blue sky. This would, indeed, be a very surprising event.

Getting Things Really Done

posted: 01.09.2010 in The Last Straw

Anyone can do any amount of work provided it's not the work he is supposed to be doing

If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done.

Teamwork means tricking other people into ignoring their priorities in favour of yours.

A committee is a group that keeps the minutes and loses hours.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

Work is punishment for failing to procrastinate effectively.

People who go to conferences are the ones who shouldn't.

... and don't forget: The only person getting his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.

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